Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler - BMYS-0004-EU

Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler - BMYS-0004-EU

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A pre-historic hysterical way to beat the heat

That rusty ol’ sprinkler you’ve had in your shed since the mesozoic era is a relic, man. Ditch the fossil and let the kids run through the water coming from this Ginormous 6-foot tall T-Rex’s snout instead! It’s the missing piece to that epic birthday, pool party, BBQ, or family reunion you’ve been planning (or dreading).

We made it super-simple to use, too. Just inflate it, and connect a standard garden hose. Turn on the water and voila!…water sprays out of this dino’s snout in a pterrific conical pattern. The inflatable design also means that it’s lightweight, easy to move, and deflates for compact storage in the off-season.

  • over 6 feet tall!
  • sprays water out of it’s snout
  • connects to any standard garden hose
  • just inflate it, then turn the water on
  • air valve features a wide-mouth cap for fast deflation
  • great for birthday parties, heat waves, poolside entertainment, 4th of July and more!
  • easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store
  • 3 styles to choose from


Item BMYS-0004

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